• Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics
  • Vol. 38, Issue 1, 25 (2021)
Xing SHEN1、2、*, Lingran KONG1、2, Ruizong LI1、2, Dongfang ZHANG1、3, Tianyou GAO1、3, and Kaijun JIANG1、3
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    DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1007-5461.2021.01.004 Cite this Article
    SHEN Xing, KONG Lingran, LI Ruizong, ZHANG Dongfang, GAO Tianyou, JIANG Kaijun. Numerical analysis of cold-atom spin texture manipulated by Laguerre-Gaussian laser beams[J]. Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics, 2021, 38(1): 25 Copy Citation Text show less


    Ultra-cold atomic spinor Bose-Einstein condensate has many spin textures with different topological properties, which can provide an ideal quantum simulation platform for the study of topological structures in condensed matter physics and particle physics. The Laguerre-Gaussian beam has special spatial structure and carrys a certain orbital angular momentum, which has been used to research spin-texture in ultra-cold atoms. Studying the two-photon Raman process in F=1 three level atom system driven by Laguerre-Gaussian light by numerical simulation can obtain Skyrmion when the initial state is the ferromagnetic phase or the polarization phase under the condition that the beam waist is comparable withthe size of the atomic cloud, and based on that, a numerical method for acquiring precise beam waist can be proposed, which provides a reference for subsequent experiments.