On the Cover: Deep learning reconstruction enables full-Stokes single compression in polarized hyperspectral imaging
  • Journal
  • 24th Aug,2023
On the Cover: Integrated-resonant metadevices: a review
Integrated-resonant units (IRUs), associating various metaatoms, resonant modes, and functionalities into one supercell, have shown great promise in tailoring composite and multifunctional electromagnetic responses with additional degrees of freedom. Integrated-resonant meta-devices can o?er many advantages over conventional optical devices, including broadband achromatism, e?ciency enhancement, response selectivity, and continuous tunability, o?ering great potential for performant and versatile application scenarios, such as achromatic imaging, light-?eld sensing, polarization detection, orbital angular momentum generation, metaholography, nanoprinting, color routing, and nonlinear generation. The image on the cover depicts a schematic of the integratedresonant metadevice composed of various multifunctional integrated-resonant units, as well as their subsequent applications, including polarization detection, orbital angular momentum generation, metaholography, nonlinear generation, and so on.
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  • 17th Aug,2023