• Laser & Optoelectronics Progress
  • Vol. 58, Issue 17, 1706007 (2021)
Song Zhuo, Li Yichun, Wei Jinpeng, and Hu Junhui*
Author Affiliations
  • College of Physical Science and Technology, Guangxi Normal University, Guilin , Guangxi 541004, China
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    An optical fiber torsion sensor based on a pre-twisted polarization-maintaining fiber (PMF) Sagnac loop mirror structure is proposed and experimentally demonstrated for simultaneously measuring rotational angle and direction. The sensing part of the structure is composed of a 2-cm pre-twisted Panda-type PMF spliced between two segments of 2-mm length multimode fiber (MMF). Torsion direction discrimination and torsion angle measurement can be realized by measuring the wavelength and power of a resonant dip in transmission spectra. The experimental results show that the sensor has a high sensitivity, and the resonant dip shifts with changes in torsion angle and direction. The wavelength of the resonant dip blue-shifts as the torsion angle increases, with a maximum wavelength sensitivity of -455 pm·rad-1·m and a power sensitivity of -1.35 dB·rad-1·m for counterclockwise torsion. For clockwise torsion, the wavelength of the resonant dip red-shifts as the torsion angle increases, with a maximum wavelength sensitivity of 182 pm·rad-1·m and a power sensitivity of 2.20 dB·rad-1·m. The sensor has the advantages of simple structure, easy fabrication, low cost, and potential applications in the field of torsion or rotation measurement.
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    Zhuo Song, Yichun Li, Jinpeng Wei, Junhui Hu. Optical Fiber Torsion Sensor Based on Pre-Twisted Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Sagnac Loop Mirror Structure[J]. Laser & Optoelectronics Progress, 2021, 58(17): 1706007
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    Category: Fiber Optics and Optical Communications
    Received: Nov. 24, 2020
    Accepted: Dec. 14, 2020
    Published Online: Sep. 14, 2021
    The Author Email: Hu Junhui (hujh@mailbox.gxnu.edu.cn)