• Infrared and Laser Engineering
  • Vol. 30, Issue 4, 297 (2001)
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    [in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese], [in Chinese]. Active-passive joint tracking algorithm with infrared sensors and laser[J]. Infrared and Laser Engineering, 2001, 30(4): 297 Copy Citation Text show less


    In order to solve the passive tracking observability problem of single infrared sensor, an active\|passive joint tracking algorithm for maneuvering target with infrared sensor and laser is developed. The current statistical model for maneuvering target is extended from one dimension to 3-D. The state and measurement equations for arbitrary maneuvering target in 3-D are educed. The angle and range measured by infrared sensors and laser respectively are fused and aligned in time and the correct measurements for target are given. The extended adaptive Kalman filter algorithm is used to estimate the position, velocity and acceleration of maneuvering target in 3-D space simultaneously. The results of simulation show that the presented algorithm is feasible and satisfying.