• Journal of Natural Resources
  • Vol. 35, Issue 12, 12002916 (2020)
ZHAO Chun-yu*, WEN Rui-xia, and YANG Na
Author Affiliations
  • School of Geography and Tourism, Anhui Normal University, Wuhu 241002, Anhui, China
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    Regional poverty has become the core problem of urban-rural development and income distribution imbalance in China. Taking the Western Anhui area of Dabie Mountains as a case study, based on the spatial heterogeneity pattern and dependence pattern of poverty on the township scale, selecting 20 factors from three dimensions of geographical environment, economic environment and social environment, this paper explores the influence of various factors on poverty spatial differentiation through analysis of correlation, multivariate linear regression, spatial regression and geographical weighted regression. The results show that: First, the basic pattern of spatial differentiation of poverty in Western Anhui shows that the poverty rate in the southwest and south parts of the study area is high, while that in the central and northeast regions is relatively low. The spatial dependence of poverty in Western Anhui is strong. Secondly, the results of Pearson correlation analysis show that the geographical environment, economic environment and social environment are the important factors that affect the spatial differentiation of poverty. Spatial regression and GWR regression analyses show that the average slope, the gross national product per capita of above-scale industries, the proportion of income derived from the secondary and tertiary industries to the net income, the number of beds in medical and health institutions are the core factors leading to the spatial differentiation of poverty, and their influence has strong spatial heterogeneity. Finally, geographical mechanism, economic mechanism and social mechanism are the three mechanisms of poverty spatial differentiation. The geographical environment plays a fundamental role in the formation of spatial differentiation of poverty, whose impact is profound and extensive. The economic environment and social environment, controlled by the geographical environment, affect each other. These two factors are not only an important manifestation of poverty, but also related with poverty. The results of this study can be used for reference to the geographical aim of poverty intervention.


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    Chun-yu ZHAO, Rui-xia WEN, Na YANG. The influence mechanism of poverty spatial differentiation in Western Anhui province[J]. Journal of Natural Resources, 2020, 35(12): 2916
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    Received: May. 14, 2019
    Accepted: --
    Published Online: May. 8, 2021
    The Author Email: ZHAO Chun-yu (964058720@qq.com)