• Microelectronics
  • Vol. 52, Issue 4, 681 (2022)
ZHU Xiwen1, JIANG Qing2, QIN Peng2, XU Kaixuan1, and ZHANG Yufeng1
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    DOI: 10.13911/j.cnki.1004-3365.220167 Cite this Article
    ZHU Xiwen, JIANG Qing, QIN Peng, XU Kaixuan, ZHANG Yufeng. A High Efficiency Boost Converter Chip with MPPT Function for PV Cell[J]. Microelectronics, 2022, 52(4): 681 Copy Citation Text show less


    To improve the collection efficiency and environmental adaptability of PV cell, a high efficiency boost converter chip with MPPT function for PV cell was proposed. This circuit system included a new type of four-phase high efficiency charge pump module, an MPPT control circuit module which utilized a disturbance observation method, a feedback control module, a nA level current reference, and a detection circuit module. The chip was designed, simulated and manufactured in a 0.35 μm BCD process. The chip size was 3.15 mm×2.43 mm. The test results showed that when the PV cell output voltage was more than 0.5 V, the output voltage of the converter was raised to 3Vin, and the voltage conversion efficiency could reach 99.4%. The MPPT algorithm made the output power improve by 8.53%. When the output load current was 297 μA, the widest output PCE achieved 85.1%. The chip was highly efficient in boosting the output voltage of PV cells.