• Microelectronics
  • Vol. 52, Issue 4, 700 (2022)
LI Hao1, XIONG Ping2, YANG Shihong2, WANG XiaoJing2, GENG Li1, and LI Dan1
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    DOI: 10.13911/j.cnki.1004-3365.210415 Cite this Article
    LI Hao, XIONG Ping, YANG Shihong, WANG XiaoJing, GENG Li, LI Dan. A Short Circuit Current Limiting and Protection Circuit for High Side Switches[J]. Microelectronics, 2022, 52(4): 700 Copy Citation Text show less


    A short circuit current limiting and protection circuit for high side switches was presented. The mode of secondary protection was adopted by the circuit. When the short circuit detection voltage was not zero and lower than the reference voltage, the grid source voltage was limited to suppress the current of the circuit. When the short circuit detection voltage was higher than the reference voltage, the power tube would be turned off after a time delay. The chip was fabricated in a 100 V 0.18 μm BCD process. The test results showed that the power transistor was in normal working state under the two conditions of working before short circuit and working after short circuit. The working voltage range of the circuit was 4~80 V, the short circuit delay time was about 200 μs, and the maximum sustainable output current could reach 80 A.