• Advanced Photonics
  • Vol. 2, Issue 6, 066002 (2020)
Yunke Zhou1、†, Zhiyi Yuan1, Xuerui Gong1, Muhammad D. Birowosuto1、2, Cuong Dang1, and Yu-Cheng Chen1、3、*
Author Affiliations
  • 1Nanyang Technological University, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Singapore
  • 3Nanyang Technological University, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Singapore
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    [33] Z. Gaoet al. Spatially responsive multicolor lanthanide-MOF heterostructures for covert photonic barcodes. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 59, 19064(2020).
    [43] J. R. Lakowicz. Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy(2013).
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    Yunke Zhou, Zhiyi Yuan, Xuerui Gong, Muhammad D. Birowosuto, Cuong Dang, Yu-Cheng Chen. Dynamic photonic barcodes for molecular detection based on cavity-enhanced energy transfer[J]. Advanced Photonics, 2020, 2(6): 066002
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    Category: Research Articles
    Received: Aug. 9, 2020
    Accepted: Oct. 2, 2020
    Posted: Oct. 9, 2020
    Published Online: Oct. 30, 2020
    The Author Email: Chen Yu-Cheng (yucchen@ntu.edu.sg)