• High Power Laser Science and Engineering
  • Vol. 9, Issue 4, 04000e48 (2021)
Disheng Wei, Shuyi Mi, Ke Yang, Junhui Li, Jinwen Tang, Baoquan Yao*, Tongyu Dai, and Xiaoming Duan
Author Affiliations
  • National Key Laboratory of Tunable Laser Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin150001, China
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    We demonstrated a 202 W Tm:YLF slab laser using a reflecting volume Bragg grating (VBG) as an output coupler at room temperature. Two kinds of active heat dissipation methods were used for the VBG to suppress the shift of wavelength caused by its increasing temperature. The maximum continuous wave (CW) output power of 202 W using the microchannel cooling was obtained under the total incident pump power of 553 W, the corresponding slope efficiency and optical-to-optical conversion efficiency were 39.7% and 36.5%, respectively. The central wavelength was 1908.5 nm with the linewidth (full width at half maximum) of 0.57 nm. Meanwhile, with the laser output increasing from 30 to 202 W, the total shift was about 1.0 nm, and the wavelength was limited to two water absorption lines near 1908 nm. The beam quality factors M2 were measured to be 2.3 and 4.0 in x and y directions at 202 W.
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    Disheng Wei, Shuyi Mi, Ke Yang, Junhui Li, Jinwen Tang, Baoquan Yao, Tongyu Dai, Xiaoming Duan. 202 W dual-end-pumped Tm:YLF laser with a VBG as an output coupler[J]. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 2021, 9(4): 04000e48
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    Category: Research Articles
    Received: Jul. 6, 2021
    Accepted: Aug. 19, 2021
    Posted: Aug. 24, 2021
    Published Online: Oct. 14, 2021
    The Author Email: Baoquan Yao (yaobq08@hit.edu.cn)