• Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics
  • Vol. 39, Issue 3, 452 (2022)
Zheng YE*, Xiaogang WU, Jiayong MA, Wenliang PAN, and Xiulu TANG
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  • [in Chinese]
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    DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1007461.2022.03.018 Cite this Article
    YE Zheng, WU Xiaogang, MA Jiayong, PAN Wenliang, TANG Xiulu. Characteristics of humidity sensitive band gap for one-dimensional photonic crystal[J]. Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics, 2022, 39(3): 452 Copy Citation Text show less


    A humidity sensitive one-dimensional photonic crystal structure is designed by use of two-dimensional nano materials with a periodic arrangement, and then based on the optical properties of the transfer matrix of multilayer media, the humidity sensitive optical properties and humidity sensitive band gap properties of the transmission spectrum of the designed sensing structure are studied, as well as the relationship between environmental humidity and the band structure of one-dimensional photonic crystal under the two light propagation modes of TE and TM. The results show that in TE and TM modes, the one-dimensional photonic crystal has an obvious photonic band gap in the range of 0%~100% relative humidity, and the start wavelength, termination wavelength and band gap width of the photonic band gap change regularly with the environmental humidity.