• Opto-Electronic Engineering
  • Vol. 48, Issue 12, 210405 (2021)
Ma Shuai1、2、3、*, Wang Ning1、2、3, Zhu Licheng1、2, Wang Shuai1、2、3, Yang Ping1、2、3, and Xu Bing1、2、3
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    DOI: 10.12086/oee.2021.210405 Cite this Article
    Ma Shuai, Wang Ning, Zhu Licheng, Wang Shuai, Yang Ping, Xu Bing. Light field depth estimation using weighted side window angular coherence[J]. Opto-Electronic Engineering, 2021, 48(12): 210405 Copy Citation Text show less


    Light field imaging recodes not only the intensity information of the rays, but also its direction information, and has the ability to estimate the depth of the scene. However, the accuracy of the depth estimation is easily in-fluenced by light field occlusion. This paper proposes a method of weighted side window angular coherence to deal with different types of occlusions. Firstly, the angular patch is divided into four side window subsets, and the cohe-rence of the pixels in these subsets is measured to construct four cost volumes to solve different types of occlusion. Secondly, the weighted fusion strategy is proposed to fuse the four cost volumes to further enhance the robustness of the algorithm and retain the anti-occlusion of the algorithm. Finally, the fused cost volume is optimized by the guided filter to further improve the accuracy of depth estimation. Experimental results show that the proposed me-thod is superior to the existing methods in the quantitative index and can achieve high-precision measurement in the absolute depth measurement experiment.