Volume: 3 Issue 6
7 Article(s)

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Engineering photonic angular momentum with structured light: a review | Article Video
Jian Chen, Chenhao Wan, and Qiwen Zhan
Structured light with inhomogeneous phase, amplitude, and polarization spatial distributions that represent an infinite-dimensional space of eigenstates for light as the ideal carrier can provide a structured combination of photonic spin and orbital angular momentum (OAM). Photonic spin angular momentum (SAM) interacti
Advanced Photonics
  • Publication Date: Nov. 17, 2021
  • Vol. 3, Issue 6, 064001 (2021)
Entanglement-based quantum key distribution with a blinking-free quantum dot operated at a temperature up to 20 K | On the Cover
Christian Schimpf, Santanu Manna, Saimon F. Covre da Silva, Maximilian Aigner, and Armando Rastelli
Entanglement-based quantum key distribution (QKD) promises enhanced robustness against eavesdropping and compatibility with future quantum networks. Among other sources, semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) can generate polarization-entangled photon pairs with near-unity entanglement fidelity and a multiphoton emission pro
Advanced Photonics
  • Publication Date: Dec. 17, 2021
  • Vol. 3, Issue 6, 065001 (2021)
Research Articles
Direct characterization of coherence of quantum detectors by sequential measurements
Liang Xu, Huichao Xu, Jie Xie, Hui Li, Lin Zhou, Feixiang Xu, and Lijian Zhang
The quantum properties of quantum measurements are indispensable resources in quantum information processing and have drawn extensive research interest. The conventional approach to revealing quantum properties relies on the reconstruction of entire measurement operators by quantum detector tomography. However, many sp
Advanced Photonics
  • Publication Date: Nov. 29, 2021
  • Vol. 3, Issue 6, 066001 (2021)
Dynamical learning of a photonics quantum-state engineering process | Article Video
Alessia Suprano, Danilo Zia, Emanuele Polino, Taira Giordani, Luca Innocenti, Alessandro Ferraro, Mauro Paternostro, Nicolò Spagnolo, and Fabio Sciarrino
Experimental engineering of high-dimensional quantum states is a crucial task for several quantum information protocols. However, a high degree of precision in the characterization of the noisy experimental apparatus is required to apply existing quantum-state engineering protocols. This is often lacking in practical s
Advanced Photonics
  • Publication Date: Dec. 13, 2021
  • Vol. 3, Issue 6, 066002 (2021)

About the Cover

The image on the cover depicts the generation of polarization-entangled photon pairs by an optically excited semiconductor quantum dot. The dot is placed in a p-i-n diode structure, supplied with a forward-bias voltage, to control its internal charge configuration and to allow the generation of an uninterrupted stream of photon pairs. These photon pairs are used to perform quantum key distribution between two parties, located in different buildings, connected via a 350-metre-long optical fibre. The generated keys were used to encrypt and decrypt a message in an information theoretically secure manner.