• Journal of Geo-information Science
  • Vol. 22, Issue 10, 10001922 (2020)
WANG Qiao1, ZHAO Shaohua1、*, FENG Hong'e1、2, WANG Yu1, BAI Zhijie1, MENG Bin1, and CHEN Hui1
Author Affiliations
  • 1State Environmental Protection Key Lab of Satellite Remote Sensing, Ministry of Ecology and Environment Center for Satellite Application on Ecology and Environment, Beijing 100094, China
  • 2Hebei provincial institute of hydrology and engineering geology, Shijiazhuang 050000, China
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    More and more people have paid attention to the severe problems of urban ecological environment in recent years, such as air pollution in key urban agglomerations, water pollution, urban black and odorous water, risk of drinking water source, urban heat island, soil pollution, municipal solid waste, and so on. As a vital part of environment protection, with the rapid urbanization, the monitoring of urban ecological environment is becoming more and more important and the demand is getting higher and higher. Many studies have documented the monitoring of urban ecological environment at home and abroad, however, these works are discrete and unsystematic. There is a lack of general technical system in China, including key technology system, index system, and technical standards. The integrated space and ground monitoring is very urgent and necessary, and it is badly need to establish its technical system to guide and normalize the development of comprehensive monitoring of urban ecological environment. Given the national demand, this work (1) designs and constructs the technical system framework, index system framework, and standard system framework of urban ecological environment comprehensive monitoring from three aspects: urban polluted gas, water quality, and ecological resource; (2) puts forward the series concerned key technologies, gives the current monitoring status and accuracy of main indies of urban ecological environment; (3) on the untangling basis of key science problems, in combination with the characteristics of remote sensing data and the needs of national ecological environment monitoring, the study subsequently designs the operational application scheme of ecological environment comprehensive monitoring, gives the main monitoring emphasis of urban polluted gas, water quality, and ecological resource, plots the application scheme which includes the region demonstration, application products and services based on the constructed information service platform of urban ecological environment comprehensive monitoring, and provides the application examples of theme maps of PM2.5, urban black and odorous water, and urban island effect. The work will provide important support for the state and local government monitoring and management in urban ecological environment.