• Geographical Research
  • Vol. 39, Issue 2, 02000337 (2020)
HE Ze1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1, YANG Yu1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、*, LIU Yi1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1, and JIN Fengjun1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1、1
Author Affiliations
  • 11Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, The Key Laboratory of Regional Sustainable Development Analysis and Simulation, CAS, Beijing 100101, China
  • 11中国科学院地理科学与资源研究所 中国科学院区域可持续发展分析与模拟实验室,北京 100101
  • 12College of Resources and Environment, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
  • 12中国科学院大学资源与环境学院,北京 100049
  • 13The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Institute of Strategy Research, Guangzhou 510070, China
  • 13粤港澳大湾区战略研究院,广州 510070
  • 14Department of Human Geography and Planning, Utrecht University, Utrecht 3584CB, Netherlands
  • 14乌得勒支大学地球科学学院人文地理与规划系,乌得勒支 3584CB,荷兰
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    Under the new normal of China's economy development, it is necessary to recognize the leading industries in China's special development zones for promoting economic transformation and industrial upgrading. In this paper, spatial characteristics and influencing factors of leading industries in China's national level economic and technological development zone (ETDZs) are studied based on Ripley's K function and geographically weighted regression methods. The results show that: (1) The manufacturing industry has the absolute advantage in the leading industries of the ETDZs. The spatial agglomeration of leading industries shows the characteristics of spatial scale differentiation and attenuation. (2) From the perspective of industrial organization in the ETDZs, the single and double elements mode play a major role in leading industrial organization. (3) The conditions of the ETDZs have a relatively limited effect on promoting the agglomeration of technology-intensive industries. The supporting function of the city to the industrial agglomeration is negatively related to the investment intensity of the urban fixed assets. The ability of utilizing international capital has a strong correlation with industrial upgrading in the ETDZs. Toward to China's economic transformation and industrial upgrading, the ETDZs should deepen reform in this field. At the same time, two "capital relations" should be handled well, namely, the investment relationship between the ETDZs and the city as well as the relationship between the ETDZs and the international capital.
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    Ze HE, Yu YANG, Yi LIU, Fengjun JIN. Recognition of the spatial characteristics and influencing factors of leading industries in China's national level ETDZs[J]. Geographical Research, 2020, 39(2): 337
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    Received: Aug. 17, 2018
    Accepted: --
    Published Online: Oct. 17, 2020
    The Author Email: YANG Yu (yangyu@igsnrr.ac.cn)