• High Power Laser Science and Engineering
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Sun Meizhi, Kang Jun, Liang Xiao, Zhu Haidong, Yang Qingwei, Gao Qi, Guo Ailin, Zhu Ping, zhang panzheng, Li Linjun, Qiu Lijuan, Lu Zhantao, Wang Sheng, Tu Xiaoniu, Xie Xinglong, Zhu Jianqiang
Author Affiliations
  • Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Shanghai Institute of Ceramics Chinese Academy of Sciences
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    As optical parametric chirped pulse amplification (OPCPA) has been widely adopted for the generation of extreme intensity laser sources, nonlinear crystals of large aperture are demanded for high energy amplifiers. Yttrium calcium oxyborate (YCa4O(BO3)3, YCOB) is capable to be grown with aperture exceeding hundred millimeters, which makes it possible for application in systems of petawatt scale. In this paper, we experimentally demonstrated for the first time to our knowledge, an ultra-broadband non-collinear optical parametric amplifier with YCOB for petawatt scale compressed pulse generation at 800 nm. Based on SG-Ⅱ 5PW facility, amplified signal energy of ~40 J was achieved and pump-to-signal conversion efficiency was up to 42.3%. A gain bandwidth of 87 nm was realized and supported compressed pulse duration of 22.3 fs. The near field and wavefront aberration represented excellent characteristics which were comparable with those achieved in LBO-based amplifier. Those results verified YCOB great potential utilization in future.
    Manuscript Accepted: Jan. 17, 2023
    Posted: Jan. 17, 2023