Special Issue on Next-generation Silicon Photonics

Submission Open: 1 July 2021

Submission Deadline: 30 September 2021


Silicon photonics has been developing at an increasingly fast pace with many passive and active silicon photonic devices demonstrated with unprecedented performances. Large-scale silicon photonic circuits have been realized with high integration density for many applications ranging from telecom and Datacom to sensing, metrology, and quantum photonics. This special issue aims to provide a comprehensively overview of this exciting field, including recent progress, in-depth discussions of the state-of-the-art, and insights into forthcoming developments from world's most prominent research groups driving silicon photonics technology into its next-generation phase.


Silicon photonics has become established as a leading technology for integrated photonics, benefiting from the advanced manufacturing infrastructure of microelectronic fabrication processes. In the past decade, many passive and active silicon photonic devices with impressive performances have been developed. Silicon photonic circuits integrating a large number of components have been demonstrated for practical applications including telecom and Datacom, high-capacity optical interconnects, biochemical sensing, and high-precision optical metrology, to name a few.


Recently, important advances have been reported in development of next-generation silicon photonics devices, by leveraging new materials, novel physical mechanisms, advanced fabrication technologies, extended operational wavelength bands, etc. High-performance silicon photonic structures and devices are required to implement large-scale silicon photonic circuits for photonic-systems-on-chip and other emerging applications.


This special issue to be published in Photonics Research will present a selection of original research papers in silicon photonics from globally leading groups, invited perspectives providing a forward-looking view on where progress in a particular research area is heading, and invited review articles providing an overview of the principles and techniques which are important within a given field or subfield.


Anticipated topics include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • •Hybrid, heterogeneous and monolithic photonic integration on silicon
  • •High-performance silicon photonics devices
  • •Large-scale silicon photonic integrated circuits
  • •Sub-wavelength metamaterial silicon photonics
  • •Mid-infrared silicon photonics
  • •Reconfigurable silicon photonics
  • •Multimode silicon photonics
  • •Silicon-plus photonics with new materials
  • •Silicon photonics for artificial intelligence
  • •Emerging applications of silicon photonics


All submissions need to present original, previously unpublished work and will be subject to the normal standards and peer review processes of the journal. The standard Photonics Research Article Processing Charges will apply to all published research articles. Please prepare manuscripts according to the author instructions for submission to Photonics Research and submit through OSA's electronic submission system, specifying from the drop-down menu that the manuscript is for the feature issue on Next-generation Silicon Photonics.


Feature Issue Guest Editors

Daoxin Dai, Zhejiang University, China (Lead Editor)
Di Liang, Hewlett Packard Labs, USA
Pavel Cheben, National Research Council, Canada