Conference on High Intensity Laser and attosecond science in Israel

The conference of high intensity laser and attosecond science in Israel will be held at Tel-Aviv from Dec. 5th to 7th.



Inertial Confinement Fusion and Fast Ignition

Attosecond Science

Physics with Ultra High Laser Intensities

X-ray Sources Driven by Ultrashort Laser Pulses

Laser Particle (electron/proton/neutron) Acceleration

Plasma and High Energy Density Physics


Invited speakers:

Alexy Arefiev, USA

Sergei Bulanov, Czech Republic

Andreas Dopp, Germany

Nirit Dudovich, Israel

Shalom Eliezer, Israel

Massimo Ferrario, Italy

Chan Joshi, USA

Stefan Karsch, Germany

Daniela Kartoon, Israel

Donnie Keathley, USA

Francois Legare, Canada

Victor Malka, Israel

Daniele Margarone, UK

Luis Silva, Portugal

Cedric Thaury, France

Wenpeng Wang, China



Moshe Fraenkel, SOREQ,NRC

Eugene Frumker, Ben-Gurion University

Victor Malka, The Weizmann Institute

Gilad Marcus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Ishay Pomerantz, Tel-Aviv University

Arie Zigler (Chair), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



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