Volume: 41 Issue 1
29 Article(s)

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Atomic and Molecular Physics
Recent Research Advances in Strong-Field Atomic Tunneling Ionization
Yunquan Liu, and Meng Han
Light-matter interaction is always one of the themes of science. With the rapid development of ultra-short and ultra-strong laser techniques, nowadays we can research the internal world in a single atom and control the light-electron interactions to explore the ultrafast dynamics of intra-atomic electrons. Laser-induce
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0102001 (2021)
Technical Development of Absolute Gravimeter: Laser Interferometry and Atom Interferometry
Shuqing Wu, and Tianchu Li
Absolute gravimeter is a precise metrological instrument for absolute gravimetry. Absolute gravimetry refers in particular to the measurement of acceleration of gravity on the earth directly which finds important applications in earth sciences and metrology. The earliest absolute gravimetry was performed in the year of
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0102002 (2021)
Fiber Optics and Optical Communications
Review on Gain Equalization Technology of Fiber Amplifier Using Space Division Multiplexing
Li Pei, Zhiqi Li, Jianshuai Wang, Yuheng Xie, Jingjing Zheng, Jing Li, and Tigang Ning
With the commercialization of the fifth-generation mobile communication technology, the global network traffic is exploding. However, due to the proximity to the Shannon limit, the capacity of the traditional single-core single-mode fiber communication system is unsatisfactory in the future network construction. In ord
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0106001 (2021)
Research Progress of Key Technologies in Recognition Sensing for Opto-Electronic Information and Event
Tiegen Liu, Kun Liu, Lin Dai, Junfeng Jiang, Jian Wang, Zhenyang Ding, Mei Sang, Haofeng Hu, Shuang Wang, Chao Xue, Jingbin Wang, and Ye Deng
At present, the number of illegal intrusion incidents in the field of public security is increasing rapidly, so new sensing technologies are urgently needed to detect illegal intrusion events. Aiming at the bottleneck problems of accurate positioning, accurate identification, and multi parameter fusion, Tianjin Univers
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0106002 (2021)
Geometric Optics
Freeform Imaging Optical System Design: Theories, Development, and Applications
Tong Yang, Yingzhe Duan, Dewen Cheng, and Yongtian Wang
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0108001 (2021)
Imaging Systems
Optical Super-Resolution Imaging Based on Frequency Shift
Xiang Hao, Qing Yang, Cuifang Kuang, and Xu Liu
Optical microscopy is non-invasive, sample-friendly, and fast, rendering itself the major approach for human beings to explore the microcosmic world. However, the diffraction limit has hindered the resolution of all optical imaging systems to approximately half the wavelength of visible light for over a century, until
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0111001 (2021)
Instrumentation, Measurement and Metrology
Discussion on Some Key Physical and Technical Problems About Lunar Laser Ranging
Ruizhong Rao
  • Publication Date: Jan. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0112002 (2021)
Lasers and Laser Optics
Research Progress of Semiconductor Interband Cascade Lasers
Yi Zhang, Cheng'ao Yang, Jinming Shang, Yihang Chen, Tianfang Wang, Yu Zhang, Yingqiang Xu, Bing Liu, and Zhichuan Niu
As an important frontier in the 3--5 μm mid-infrared lasers, semiconductor interband cascade quantum well laser has important scientific significance and application value in many fields, such as semiconductor optoelectronic device technology, gas detection, medical science, and free space optical communications. The e
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0114004 (2021)
Shanghai Soft X-ray Free-Electron Laser Test Facility
Zhentang Zhao, Dong Wang, Lixin Yin, Guoping Fang, Qiang Gu, Ming Gu, Yongbin Leng, Bo Liu, Qiaogen Zhou, Liren Shen, Meng Zhang, Haixiao Deng, Jiahua Chen, Jianhui Chen, Zhihao Chen, Jianguo Ding, Wencheng Fang, Chao Feng, Duan Gu, Xiao Hu, Dazhang Huang, Maomao Huang, Zhiqiang Jiang, Bin Li, Guoqiang Lin, Yiyong Liu, Sen Sun, Guanghong Wang, Xingtao Wang, Zhen Wang, Yanqing Wu, Luyang Yu, Qibing Yuan, Wei Zhang, Shaopeng Zhong, Xiaobin Xia, Chuanxiang Tang, Wenhui Huang, Yingchao Du, and Lixin Yan
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0114006 (2021)
Nonlinear Optics
New Principle, Platform, and Application of Nonlinear Frequency Conversion
Xianfeng Chen, Yuanlin Zheng, Haigang Liu, Shijie Liu, Yuanhua Li, and Xiaohui Zhao
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0119001 (2021)
Optical Devices
Bound States of Continuum in Optical Artificial Micro-Nanostructures: Fundamentals, Developments and Applications
Ruoheng Chai, Wenwei Liu, Hua Cheng, Jianguo Tian, and Shuqi Chen
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0123001 (2021)
High-Efficiency Manipulations on Electromagnetic Waves with Metasurfaces
Shulin Sun, Qiong He, Jiaming Hao, Shiyi Xiao, and Lei Zhou
Freely controlling electromagnetic (EM) waves in desired manners are not only highly important for scientific researches, but also an urgent need in the fields of communications, energy, national defense, etc. To overcome the limitations of natural materials on controlling EM waves, people proposed to construct artific
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0123003 (2021)
Optics at Surfaces
Spoof Plasmonic Metamaterials
Haochi Zhang, Peihang He, Lingyun Niu, Lepeng Zhang, and Tiejun Cui
Traditional microwave transmission lines such as micro-strips cannot precisely manipulate electromagnetic modes, and hence traditional electronic information systems suffer from some bottlenecks such as spatial coupling, dynamic response, and performance robustness. To this end, metamaterials of spoof surface plasmon p
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0124001 (2021)
Quantum Optics
High-Finesse Micro-Optical Fabry-Perot Cavity and Its Applications in Strongly Coupled Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
Tiancai Zhang, Wei Wu, Pengfei Yang, Gang Li, and Pengfei Zhang
  • Publication Date: Feb. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0127001 (2021)
Terahertz Spectroscopy Algorithms for Biomedical Detection
Yiming Zhu, Chenjun Shi, Xu Wu, and Yan Peng
Based on the features of nonionization, noninvasiveness, high penetration, high resolution, and spectral fingerprinting of terahertz (THz) waves, terahertz spectroscopy has great potential in the biomedical field. Based on terahertz spectroscopy, combined with different analysis algorithms, different research groups ha
  • Publication Date: Jan. 10, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0130001 (2021)
Micro/nano-Structured Optical Fiber Laser Spectroscopy
Wei Jin, Haihong Bao, Yun Qi, Yan Zhao, Pengcheng Zhao, Shoufei Gao, and Hoi Lut Ho
Micro/nano-structured optical fiber laser spectroscopy refers to laser spectroscopy with hollow-core or micro/nano-scale solid-core optical fibers as the sample cells. Light-matter interaction takes place inside or in the close vicinity of the core. This paper reviews the basics of light propagation in micro/nano-struc
  • Publication Date: Feb. 24, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0130002 (2021)
Thin Films
Extreme Ultraviolet, X-Ray and Neutron Thin Film Optical Components and Systems
Zhanshan Wang, Qiushi Huang, Zhong Zhang, Shengzhen Yi, Wenbin Li, Zhengxiang Shen, Runze Qi, and Jun Yu
Extreme ultraviolet, X-ray and neutron optics are the high-precision observation methods for the development of modern science, which requires the support of different thin film optical components and systems with high quality. Due to the limitation of the short wavelength and optical constants of materials, the struct
  • Publication Date: Feb. 22, 2021
  • Vol. 41 Issue 1 0131001 (2021)