Volume: 35 Issue 2
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Research on Symmetrical Optical Waveguide Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing with Spectral Interrogation
ZHANG Yi-long, LIU Le, GUO Jun, ZHANG Peng-fei, GUO Ji-hua, MA Hui, and HE Yong-hong
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 289 (2015)
Strong and Tunable Field Enhancement Obtained by Periodic Rectangular Pit Structure
WANG Meng, WANG Bin, FU Su-yang, SUN Xi-peng, HUANG Sen-peng, GUO Ting-ke, LI Hao-yu, XU Xiao-xuan, and WANG Yu-fang
The authors have designed a novel type of periodic rectangular pit nanostructure substrate based on the surface plasmon principle. Finite element method was employed to simulate the optical near-field distribution. Strongly enhanced field whose electric intensity Emax/E0 can be as high as 20 at resonance frequency appe
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 293 (2015)
Research on Ground Scenery Spectral Radiation Source with Tunable Spectra
XIANG Jin-rong, REN Jian-wei, LI Bao-yong, WAN Zhi, LIU Ze-xun, LIU Hong-xing, LI Xian-sheng, and SUN Jing-xu
A spectrum-tunable ground scenery spectrum radiation source, using LEDs and bromine tungsten lamp as luminescence media, was introduced. System structure and control of the spectrum radiation source was expounded in detail. In order to simulate various ground scenery spectrum distribution with different shapes, a groun
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 298 (2015)
The Auto-Focusing Remote Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy System
HAN Zhen-yu, PAN Cong-yuan, AN Ning, DU Xue-wei, YU Yun-si, DU Liang-liang, WANG Sheng-bo, and WANG Qiu-ping
The present paper presents an auto-focus laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) remote measuring system. This system contains a Schwarzschild telescope, which consists of a convex mirror and a concave mirror. The two spherical mirrors are coaxially placed. The convex mirror is mounted on a motorized linear transla
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 304 (2015)
The Research on Separating and Extracting Overlapping Spectral Feature Lines in LIBS Using Damped Least Squares Method
WANG Yin, ZHAO Nan-jing, LIU Wen-qing, YU Yang, FANG Li, MENG De-shuo, HU Li, ZHANG Da-hai, MA Ming-jun, XIAO Xue, WANG Yu, and LIU Jian-guo
In recent years, the technology of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy has been developed rapidly. As one kind of new material composition detection technology, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy can simultaneously detect multi elements fast and simply without any complex sample preparation and realize field, in-sit
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 309 (2015)
Near-Infrared Quantum Cutting Downconversion Luminescence of Yb3+ Ion Cooperative Energy Transferred from YVO4 Matrix Donor
CHEN Xiao-bo, ZHOU Gu, ZHOU Yong-fen, WU Zheng-long, GUO Yu-ying, WANG Shui-feng, ZOU Qiu-yan, ZHUANG Jian, CHEN Xiao-duan, LI Chun-mi, YAO Wen-ting, and CHENG Huan-li
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 315 (2015)
The Impact of ZnS/CdS Composite Window Layer on the Quantun Efficiency of CdTe Solar Cell in Short Wavelength
ZHANG Li-xiang, FENG Liang-huan, WANG Wen-wu*, XU Hang, WU Li-li, ZHANG Jing-quan, LI Wei, and ZENG Guang-gen
ZnS/CdS composite window layer was prepared by magnetron sputtering method and then applied to CdTe solar cell. The morphology and structure of films were measured. The data of Ⅰ-Ⅴ in light and the quantum efficiency of CdTe solar cells with different window layers were also measured. The effect of ZnS films prepared i
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 320 (2015)
Er3+∶Yb3+ Co-Doped Nanocrystals BaGd2ZnO5 of Up-Conversion Optical Temperature Sensing
LIU Yan-zhou, YANG Yan-min, GUO Yan-ming, ZHANG Lian-shui, MI Chao, and LIU Lin-lin
By far, the most efficient up-conversion nanocrystals luminescence materials BaGd2ZnO5∶4%Yb3+,1%Er3+, with stable chemical performance, were prepared by using Sol-gel method. XRD pattern shows that the sample is pure phase, belongs to the orthogonal crystals, and space group is Pbnm;SEM micrograph shows that the prepar
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 329 (2015)
Determination of Minimum Enzymatic Decolorization Time of Reactive Dye Solution by Spectroscopic & Mathematical Approach
Mithat Celebi, Zafer Omer Ozdemir, Emre Eroglu, Melda Altikatoglu, and Ibrahim Guney
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 340 (2015)
Advances of NIR Spectroscopy Technology Applied in Seed Quality Detection
ZHU Li-wei, MA Wen-guang, HU Jin, ZHENG Yun-ye, TIAN Yi-xin, GUAN Ya-jing, and HU Wei-min
Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology developed fast in recent years, due to its rapid speed, less pollution, high-efficiency and other advantages. It has been widely used in many fields such as food, chemical industry, pharmacy, agriculture and so on. The seed is the most basic and important agricultural capita
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 346 (2015)
Study on Estimation of Deserts Soil Total Phosphorus Content from Thermal-Infrared Emissivity
HOU Yan-jun, Tashpolat·Tiyip, ZHANG Fei, Mamat·Sawut, and Ilyas·Nurmemet
Soil phosphorus provides nutrient elements for plants, is one of important parameters for evaluating soil quality. The traditional method for soil total phosphorus content (STPC) measurement is not effective and time-consuming. However, remote sensing (RS) enables us to determine STPC in a fast and efficient way. Studi
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 350 (2015)
Determining the Zn Content of Cherry in Field Using VNIR Spectroscopy
Mert Dedeolu, and Levent Basayiit
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 355 (2015)
Apply Fourier Transform Infrared Spectra Coupled with Two-Dimensional Correlation Analysis to Study the Evolution of Humic Acids During Composting
BU Gui-jun, YU Jing, DI Hui-hui, LUO Shi-jia, ZHOU Da-zhai, and XIAO Qiang
The composition and structure of humic acids formed during composting play an important influence on the quality and mature of compost. In order to explore the composition and evolution mechanism, municipal solid wastes were collected to compost and humic and fulvic acids were obtained from these composted municipal so
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 362 (2015)
Identification and Classification of Disease Severity of Wheat Stripe Rust Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy Technology
LI Xiao-long, QIN Feng, ZHAO Long-lian, LI Jun-hui, MA Zhan-hong, and WANG Hai-guang
Wheat stripe rust caused by Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, is an economically important disease in the world. It is of great significance to assess disease severity of wheat stripe rust quickly and accurately for monitoring and controlling the disease. In this study, wheat leaves infected with stripe rust pathoge
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 367 (2015)
Near-Infrared Spectra Combining with CARS and SPA Algorithms to Screen the Variables and Samples for Quantitatively Determining the Soluble Solids Content in Strawberry
LI Jiang-bo, GUO Zhi-ming, HUANG Wen-qian, ZHANG Bao-hua, and ZHAO Chun-jiang
In using spectroscopy to quantitatively or qualitatively analyze the quality of fruit, how to obtain a simple and effective correction model is very critical for the application and maintenance of the developed model. Strawberry as the research object, this research mainly focused on selecting the key variables and cha
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 372 (2015)
Attenuated Total Reflection-Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Dried Shark Fin Products
HAN Wan-qing, LUO Hai-ying, XIAN Yan-ping, LUO Dong-hui, MU Tong-na, and GUO Xin-dong
Sixty-four pieces of shark fin dried products (including real, fake and artificial shark fin products) and real products coated with gelatin were rapidly and nondestructively analyzed by attenuated total reflection-Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR). The characteristic of IR spectrograms among the above
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 379 (2015)
Effect of pH on Circular Dichroism and Raman Spectroscopy of Secondary Structure of β-Casein from Chinese Human Milk
REN Hao-wei, ZHANG Wan-shu, LI Xiang-yi, and LIU Ning
To obtain a structural basis for the β-casein in Chinese human milk, structural transitions of the β-casein in response to variation of pH were investigated using Raman and circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy. Both methods indicated that the secondary structures of β-casein in the solution were induced by the pH. Seco
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 384 (2015)
Quantitative Analysis of Thiram by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Combined with Feature Extraction Algorithms
ZHANG Bao-hua, JIANG Yong-cheng, SHA Wen, ZHANG Xian-yi, and CUI Zhi-feng
Three feature extraction algorithms, such as the principal component analysis (PCA), the discrete cosine transform (DCT) and the non-negative factorization (NMF), were used to extract the main information of the spectral data in order to weaken the influence of the spectral fluctuation on the subsequent quantitative an
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 390 (2015)
Research on Volatiles of Rakkyo (Allium Chinense G. Don) and Chinese Chive (Allium Tuberosum Rottl. ex Sprengel) Based on Headspace and the Molecular Recognition of SERS
ZHANG Chuan-yun, SI Min-zhen, LI Lun, and ZHANG De-qing
The headspace and the molecular recognition of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) were used to research volatiles of rakkyo and Chinese chive. Their volatiles SERS spectra were obtained using nano-silver colloid as the substrate$ Then, volatiles SERS spectra of rakkyo and Chinese Chive were compared respectively
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 394 (2015)
Component Analysis of the Circulating Fluid in an Adsorption Tower in a P-Xylene Unit Based on Raman Spectral Decomposition
WANG Bin, and DAI Lian-kui
In order to achieve fast and accurate online analysis of the circulating fluid in an adsorption tower in a p-xylene unit, the Raman spectral analysis method is adopted. However, the Raman spectra of the pure components included in the circulating fluid overlap together, and the concentration of each component varies ob
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 399 (2015)
Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Analysis of Thiabendazole Pesticide
LIN Lei, WU Rui-mei, LIU Mu-hua, WANG Xiao-bin, and YAN Lin-yuan
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 404 (2015)
Effect of Temperature on the Aggregation Behavior of Collagen Solution by Two-Dimensional Synchronous Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
WU Wan-ye, WU Kun, and LI Guo-ying
The synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy and two dimensional correlation analysis method were applied to study the aggregation behavior of acid-soluble collagen solutions (0.2, 0.4 and 1.6 mg·mL-1) during the heating process of 10~70 ℃. It was found that the fluorescence excited at 292 and 282 nm (Δλ=9 nm) belong
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 409 (2015)
Study on Fluorescence Spectra of Chlorothalonil Residues and the Interaction between Chlorothalonil and Chinese Herbal Medicines
JI Ren-dong, ZHAO Zhi-min, CHEN Meng-lan, WANG Le-xin, and ZHU Xing-yue
The fluorescence spectrum was studied for the chlorothalonil(0.292 8 mg·mL-1) using spectrofluorophotometer. The experiment results showed that the characteristic peaks (352 and 366 nm) are found in the spectrum of chlorothalonil standard solution when the excitation wavelength is 320 nm. And it was found that the
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 415 (2015)
Effect of Quantum Dots CdSe/ZnS’s Concentration on Its Fluorescence
JIN Min, HUANG Yu-hua, and LUO Ji-xiang
The authors measured the absorption and the fluorescence spectra of the quantum dots CdSe/ZnS with 4 nm in size at different concentration with the use of the UV-Vis absorption spectroscopy and fluorescence spectrometer. The effect of quantum dots CdSe/ZnS’s concentration on its fluorescence was especially studied and
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 420 (2015)
Study on the Concentration of Mineral Oil in Water by Online Intelligent Detection Based on Fluorescence Spectrum
Tang Yuanhe, Liu Qingsong, Meng Lei, Liu Hanchen, Liu Qian, and Li Cunxia
In order to monitor the oil pollution of water real time and accurately for the environmental protection, an intelligent online detection system for the mineral oil in water is put forward in the present paper, based on the technology of ultraviolet fluorescence and internet of things (IOT). For this system, the resolu
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 424 (2015)
STR Fluorescence Spectral Analysis Based on Matrix Analysis
LI Bin, ZHANG Tao, and JIA Er-hui
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 429 (2015)
Derivative Fluorescence Probe Recognition Results of the Light Physical Mechanism of Metal Ions
DAI Yu-mei, HU Xiao-jun, LI Fu-jun, XIE Yu-meng, ZHAO Yang-yang, and ZHOU Qiao
As people deeply study the electronic spectra of fluorescent compounds and photophysical behavior, enormous progress has been made in the aspect of changes and states of different systems in the use of fluorescent molecules as probes. PTCDA is a kind of typical fluorescent molecular probe that is highly sensitive and s
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 433 (2015)
Early Warning for Various Internal Faults of GIS Based on Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
ZHAO Yu, WANG Xian-pei, HU Hong-hong, DAI Dang-dang, LONG Jia-chuan, TIAN Meng, ZHU Guo-wei, and HUANG Yun-guang
As the basis of accurate diagnosis, fault early-warning of gas insulation switchgear (GIS) focuses on the time-effectiveness and the applicability. It would be significant to research the method of unified early-warning for partial discharge (PD) and overheated faults in GIS. In the present paper, SO2 is proposed as th
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 438 (2015)
Pattern Recognition of Decorative Papers with Different Visual Characteristics Using Visible Spectroscopy Coupled with Principal Component Analysis(PCA)
ZHANG Mao-mao, YANG Zhong, LV Bin, LIU Ya-na, and SUN Xue-dong
As one of the most important decorative materials for the modern household products, decorative papers impregnated with melamine not only have better decorative performance, but also could greatly improve the surface properties of materials. However, the appearance quality (such as color-difference evaluation and contr
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 443 (2015)
Spectrum Characteristics of Leaching Components from Co-Contaminated Loess in Ex-Situ Column Washing Reaction
FAN Chun-hui, ZHANG Ying-chao, DU Bo, HE Lei, and WANG Jia-hong
Soil contamination is regarded as one of the most serious issues to humanity all over the world. It is statistically believed that over one-fifth of the farmland, that is 20 million ha, is found to be contaminated by heavy metals in China. And the related issues, caused by soil contamination, of food safety, human heal
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 447 (2015)
Spectroscopic Study on Film Formation Mechanism and Structure of Composite Silanes-V-Zr Passive Film
WANG Lei, LIU Chang-sheng, SHI Lei, and AN Cheng-qiang
A composite silanes-V-Zr passive film was overlayed on hot-dip galvanized steel. Attenuated total reflection Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR), X-ray photoelectron spectrometer (XPS) and radio frequency glow discharge optical emission spectrometry (rf-GD-OES) were used to characterize the molecular s
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 453 (2015)
Non-Covalent Albumin Conjugates of Silicon(Ⅳ) Phthalocyanines Axially Substituted with Nucleoside: Preparation and in vitro Photodynamic Activities
YANG Xiao-mei, ZHENG Bi-yuan, CAI Yue, LIN Ai-lan, SHEN Xiao-min, ZHANG Han-hui, and HUANG Jian-dong
The interactions of bovine serum albumin (BSA) with five novel silicon (Ⅳ) phthalocyanines(SiPc1-5) axially modified by nucleosides (cytidine, 5-N-cytidine, methyl cytidine, uridine and methyl uridine) derivatives were studied by fluorescence spectroscopy. The results show that there are strong interactions between the
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 457 (2015)
Preparation and Characterization of Kaolinite-Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Intercalation Composite
TANG Wu-fei, GU Xiao-yu, ZHANG Sheng, YUAN Hong-fu, JIANG Yu, and ZHAO Jing-ran
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 462 (2015)
Measurements of IR Absorption Across Section and Spectrum Simulation of Lewisite
ZHANG Yuan-peng, WANG Hai-tao, ZHANG Lin, YANG Liu, GUO Xiao-di, BAI Yun, and SUN Hao
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 466 (2015)
Piezoresistivity of Ultra-Thin Poly-Silicon Layer by Aluminum-Induced Layer Exchange
WANG Cheng-long, MA Jun, FAN Duo-wang, XING Da, and LIU Song-hao
Poly-Si film, due to its favorable piezoresistive properties, has been widely used in piezoresistive sensors. The previous researches have shown that the ultra-thin poly-Si film have better piezoresistive properties than common poly-silicon film, and have promising future of application. A promising method to obtain la
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 474 (2015)
Research on Identification of Cabbages and Weeds Combining Spectral Imaging Technology and SAM Taxonomy
ZU Qin, ZHANG Shui-fa, CAO Yang, ZHAO Hui-yi, and DANG Chang-qing
Weeds automatic identification is the key technique and also the bottleneck for implementation of variable spraying and precision pesticide. Therefore, accurate, rapid and non-destructive automatic identification of weeds has become a very important research direction for precision agriculture. Hyperspectral imaging sy
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 479 (2015)
Prediction of SPAD Value in Oilseed Rape Leaves Using Hyperspectral Imaging Technique
DING Xi-bin, LIU Fei, ZHANG Chu, and HE Yong
In the present work, prediction models of SPAD value (Soil and Plant Analyzer Development, often used as a parameter to indicate chlorophyll content) in oilseed rape leaves were successfully built using hyperspectral imaging technique. The hyperspectral images of 160 oilseed rape leaf samples in the spectral range of 3
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 486 (2015)
Photometric Micro-Titration Model of DPPH Radicals Scavenging Activity and Its Application
GAO Yun-tao, WEI Wei, YE Li-qing, LI Xiao-fen, LIU Ping, ZHANG Hong-jiao, YANG Lu, YU Jiao-jiao, and CHA Jia-wei
In the present paper, the stoichiometric ratio (R) for the interreaction of DPPH radicals with the antoxidant was employed as a evaluation index for DPPH radicals scavenging activity of antioxidants. This evaluation index was related only with the stoichiometric relationship between DPPH radicals and the antioxidant, n
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 492 (2015)
The New Applications of NMR Technology in the Field of Characterization of Surface Properties of the Material
LIANG Ni, ZHANG Di, and WEI Chao-xian
Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology has been developed continuely because of its rapid, accurate and high resolution advantages, The technology has become an important method to analyze the soil properties, and to identify the structure of matters, food analysis, medical imaging fields. This study summarized tw
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 497 (2015)
Measurement of Atomic Number of Alkali Vapor and Pressure of Buffer Gas Based on Atomic Absorption
ZHENG Hui-jie, QUAN Wei, LIU Xiang, CHEN Yao, and LU Ji-xi
High sensitivitymagnetic measurementscanbe achieved by utilizing atomic spinmanipulation in the spin-exchange-relaxation-free (SERF) regime, which uses an alkali cell as a sensing element. The atomic number density of the alkali vapor and the pressure of the buffer gasare among the most important parameters of the cell
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 507 (2015)
Characterization of Matrix Effects in Microanalysis of Sulfide Minerals by Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry Based on An Element Pair Method
YUAN Ji-hai, ZHAN Xiu-chun, HU Ming-yue, ZHAO Ling-hao, and SUN Dong-yang
Matrix effect between reference materials and samples is one of the major factors affecting the accuracy of analytical results by laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS). However, there is no method or calculation formula to quantify matrix effect between standards and samples up to date
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 512 (2015)
Analysis of Inorganic Elements in Hydroponic Taraxacum Mongolicum Grown under Different Spectrum Combinations by ICP-AES
CHEN Xiao-li, Morewane M.B, XUE Xu-zhang, GUO Wen-zhong, and WANG Li-chun
Dandelion (Taraxacum mongolicum) was hydroponically cultured in a completely enclosed plant factory, in which fluorescence and LED emitting spectra of different bands were used as the sole light source for plant growth. Effects of spectral component on the growth of dandelion were studied and the contents of ten inorga
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 519 (2015)
Standard Addition Determination of Impurities in Na2CrO4 by ICP-AES
WANG Li-ping, FENG Hai-tao, DONG Ya-ping, PENG Jiao-yu, LI Wu, SHI Hai-qin, and WANG Yong
Coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES) was used to determine the trace impurities of Ca, Mg, Al, Fe and Si in industrial sodium chromate. Wavelengths of 167.079, 393.366, 259.940, 279.533 and 251.611 nm were selected as analytical lines for the determination of Al, Ca, Fe, Mg and Si, respectively. The an
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 523 (2015)
Study on the Method for the Determination of Trace Boron, Molybdenum, Silver, Tin and Lead in Geochemical Samples by Direct Current Arc Full Spectrum Direct Reading Atomic Emission Spectroscopy (DC-Arc-AES)
HAO Zhi-hong, YAO Jian-zhen, TANG Rui-ling, ZHANG Xue-mei, LI Wen-ge, and ZHANG Qin
The method for the determination of trace boron, molybdenum, silver, tin and lead in geochemical samples by direct current arc full spectrum direct reading atomic emission spectroscopy (DC-Arc-AES) was established. Direct current arc full spectrum direct reading atomic emission spectrometer with a large area of solid-s
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 527 (2015)
Application of Tessier-AAS to the Non-Biological Transformation Mechanism of Chemical Speciation of Lead in Red Soil in Agricultural Area of Central China
FAN Chun-hui, ZHANG Ying-chao, and WANG Jia-hong
The soil contamination of heavy metals, from the areas of mine, highway, industrial area, agricultural land and so on, is nowadays a serious issue all over the world. The contamination of heavy metals in large agricultural area might lead to the decrease of products quality and economic value. Actually, the accumulatio
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 534 (2015)
Preparation of Polyacrylonitrile/Natural Sand Composite Materials and Analysis of Adsorption Properties of Pb(Ⅱ) on It by FAAS
Medine Abduwayit, Ismayil Nurulla, and Shawket Abliz
Surfaces of natural sand particles were modified with (3-chloropropyl) trichlorosilane, so that bridging groups were introduced on the surfaces of natural sand particles;By grafting polyacrylonitrile onto the modified surfaces of the natural sand particles, a novel polyacrylonitrile/natural sand composite material was
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 539 (2015)
Analysis of XPS in the Removal of Se(Ⅳ) from Groundwater with Pyrite
LIU Hong-fang, QIAN Tian-wei, and ZHANG Min-gang
Selenium (Se) is an elementary trace nutrient element for human but there is a very narrow range between deficit and toxic levels. Furthermore, excessive intake of Selenium is harmful for human. The product species of selenite which was removal by pyrite particles was studied in the present research. In the experiments
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 543 (2015)
The Validation of the Effect of Correcting Spectral Background Changes Based on Floating Reference Method by Simulation
WANG Zhu-lou, ZHANG Wan-jie, LI Chen-xi, CHEN Wen-liang*, and XU Ke-xin
There are some challenges in near-infrared non-invasive blood glucose measurement, such as the low signal to noise ratio of instrument, the unstable measurement conditions, the unpredictable and irregular changes of the measured object, and etc. Therefore, it is difficult to extract the information of blood glucose con
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 547 (2015)
A Simple Design of Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy System
XU Gang, LI Xiao-li, and LIU Xiao-min
With the development in last twenty years, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) is a non-invasive brain imaging technique which widely used in cognitive neuroscience studies. Based on mechanism of neurovascular coupling, increased functional neural activities in brain induce higher regional cerebral blood flow
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 552 (2015)
The Linear Hyperspectral Camera Rotating Scan Imaging Geometric Correction Based on the Precise Spectral Sampling
WANG Shu-min, ZHANG Ai-wu, HU Shao-xing, WANG Jing-meng, MENG Xian-gang, DUAN Yi-hao, and SUN Wei-dong
As the rotation speed of ground based hyperspectral imaging system is too fast in the image collection process, which exceeds the speed limitation, there is data missed in the rectified image, it shows as the black lines. At the same time, there is serious distortion in the collected raw images, which effects the featu
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 557 (2015)
A High Sensitivity Micro-Ring Humidity Sensor Based on U-Shaped Waveguide Coupled Single Micro-Ring Structure
LI Zhi-quan, WANG Lu-na, LI Xin, and ZHANG Xin
The paper proposes a novel high sensitivity humidity sensor based on a U-shaped waveguide-coupled single micro-ring, Polyimide is used as the wet material, the refractive index of humidity-sensing part changes as relative humidity changes, thus leading to a obvious peak drift. The transfer function of the structure is
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 563 (2015)
Design and Analysis of a Novel Light Visible Spectrum Imaging Spectrograph Optical System
SHEN Man-de, LI Fei, ZHOU Li-bing, LI Cheng, REN Huan-huan, and JIANG Qing-xiu
A novel visible spectrum imaging spectrograph optical system was proposed based on the negative dispersion, the arbitrary phase modulation characteristics of diffractive optical element and the aberration correction characteristics of freeform optical element. The double agglutination lens was substituted by a hybrid r
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 568 (2015)
[in Chinese]
  • Publication Date: Feb. 01, 2015
  • Vol. 35 Issue 2 1 (2015)