• Laser & Optoelectronics Progress
  • Vol. 59, Issue 1, 0100003 (2022)
Wang Haoyu, Wu Shuanghong*, Zhang Haolin, Wang Sheng, Wang Rui, and Wang Xiangru**
Author Affiliations
  • College of Optoelectronics Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu , Sichuan 610054, China
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    DOI: 10.3788/LOP202259.0100003 Cite this Article
    Haoyu Wang, Shuanghong Wu, Haolin Zhang, Sheng Wang, Rui Wang, Xiangru Wang. Research Progress of Photomultiplication-Type Organic Photodetectors[J]. Laser & Optoelectronics Progress, 2022, 59(1): 0100003 Copy Citation Text show less


    Using the photomultiplication (PM) effect to enhance the external quantum efficiency of the device is a significant way to realize high-sensitivity organic photodetectors. This review introduces the research progress of PM-type organic photodetectors in recent years based on charge accumulation-type PM. The strategies for achieving PM and the corresponding PM mechanisms are clarified in detail from the perspective of the methods of implementing charge accumulation. Furthermore, the future research of the PM-type organic photodetectors is prospected.