• Laser & Optoelectronics Progress
  • Vol. 58, Issue 20, 2015008 (2021)
Zhang Hongying*, Yang Weimin, and Wang Huisan
Author Affiliations
  • College of Electronic Information and Automation, Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin 300300, China
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    This paper proposes a reconstruction method for optimized three-dimensional (3D) morphable model parameters to address the instability of the reconstructed model’s shape expression ability due to the inaccurate detection of facial feature points in the face-image reconstruction method based on the 3D morphable model. First, an improved position map regression network is used to extract and locate the facial feature points accurately and on this basis, the initial model parameters are calculated. The parameters obtained using the regression method are then integrated to obtain the optimised model parameters and improve the model’s accuracy and generalisation capabilities. Finally, to obtain the final face model, the 3D morphable model is optimized. This approach can produce accurate 3D face reconstruction using real faces as experimental data.

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    Hongying Zhang, Weimin Yang, Huisan Wang. Face Reconstruction Method Based on Optimized Three-Dimensional Morphable Model Parameters[J]. Laser & Optoelectronics Progress, 2021, 58(20): 2015008
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    Category: Machine Vision
    Received: Aug. 3, 2020
    Accepted: Sep. 23, 2020
    Published Online: Oct. 14, 2021
    The Author Email: Zhang Hongying (carole_zhang0716@163.com)