Volume: 10 Issue 1
9 Article(s)

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Curvature Sensor Based on a Long-Period Grating in a Fiber Ring Resonator Interrogated by an OTDR
Regina MAGALH?ES, Susana SILVA, and Orlando FRAZ?O
  • Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2020
  • Vol. 10 Issue 1 1 (2020)
Low-Cost and Highly Sensitive Liquid Refractive Index Sensor Based on Polymer Horizontal Slot Waveguide
Xiaoxia MA, Kaixin CHEN, Jieyun WU, and Lingfang WANG
  • Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2020
  • Vol. 10 Issue 1 7 (2020)
Effect of Temperature and Gamma-Ray Irradiation on Optical Characteristics of Fiber Bragg Grating Inscribed Radiation-Resistant Optical Fiber
Seongmin JU, Youngwoong KIM, Kadathala LINGANNA, Yune Hyoun KIM, and Won-Taek HAN
A new radiation-hard germano-silicate glass optical fiber with a pure silica glass buffer and a boron-doped silica glass inner cladding was fabricated for temperature sensor application based on the fiber Bragg grating (FBG) under --ray irradiation environment. The temperature dependences of optical attenuation at 1550
  • Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2020
  • Vol. 10 Issue 1 16 (2020)
Spectroscopy and Light Emitting Diodes Based System in Characterizing External Beam Therapy 3 Films for Solar Ultraviolet Measurement
Wan Insaniah Saleha AHMAD SHAH, and Ahmad Fairuz OMAR
Gafchromic external beam therapy 3 (EBT3) film has widely been used in medical field applications. Principally, the EBT3 film’s color gradually changes from light green to darker color under incremental exposures by ionizing or even non-ionizing ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Peak absorbance of the EBT3 film can be used t
  • Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2020
  • Vol. 10 Issue 1 34 (2020)
Detecting Designated Building Areas From Remote Sensing Images Using Hierarchical Structural Constraints
Fukun BI, Mingyang LEI, Zhihua YANG, Jinyuan HOU, and Yanyan QIN
Automatic detection of a designated building area (DBA) is a research hotspot in the field of target detection using remote sensing images. Target detection is urgently needed for tasks such as illegal building monitoring, dynamic land use monitoring, antiterrorism efforts, and military reconnaissance. The existing det
  • Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2020
  • Vol. 10 Issue 1 45 (2020)
A High Spatial Resolution FBG Sensor Array for Measuring Ocean Temperature and Depth
Li WANG, Yongjie WANG, Jianfeng WANG, and Fang LI
Exploring and understanding the ocean is an important field of scientific study. Acquiring accurate and high-resolution temperature and depth profiles of the oceans over relatively short periods of time is an important basis for understanding ocean currents and other associated physical parameters. Traditional measurin
  • Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2020
  • Vol. 10 Issue 1 57 (2020)
Graphene-Coated Optical Fiber SPR Biosensor for BRCA1 and BRCA2 Breast Cancer Biomarker Detection: a Numerical Design-Based Analysis
Md. Biplob HOSSAIN, Md. Muztahidul ISLAM, Lway Faisal ABDULRAZAK, Md. Masud RANA, Tarik Bin Abdul AKIB, and Mehedi HASSAN
This paper provides a simple hybrid design and numerical analysis of the graphene-coated fiber-optic surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor for breast cancer gene-1 early onset (BRCA1) and breast cancer gene-2 early onset (BRCA2) genetic breast cancer detection. Two specific mutations named 916delTT and 6174delT in
  • Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2020
  • Vol. 10 Issue 1 67 (2020)
Drawing Tower In-Line Fabrication and the Spectrum Analysis of Sampled Fiber Grating
Yu ZHENG, Wenjing GAO, Haihu YU, Huiyong GUO, Shan JIANG, and Desheng JIANG
  • Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2020
  • Vol. 10 Issue 1 80 (2020)
Impact Localization of CFRP Structure Based on FBG Sensor Network
Yaozhang SAI, Xiuxia ZHAO, Lili WANG, and Dianli HOU
Low energy impact can induce invisible damage of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). The damage can seriously affect the safety of the CFRP structure. Therefore, damage detection is crucial to the CFRP structure. Impact location information is the premise of damage detection. Hence, impact localization is the prima
  • Publication Date: Mar. 15, 2020
  • Vol. 10 Issue 1 88 (2020)