• High Power Laser Science and Engineering
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Bromage J., Bahk Seung-Whan, Bedzyk Mark, Begishev Ildar, Bucht Sara, Dorrer Christophe, Feng Chengyong, Jeon Cheonha, Mileham Chad, Roides Richard, Shaughnessy Keith, Shoup Milton, Spilatro Michael, Webb Benjamin, Weiner David, Zuegel Jonathan D.
Author Affiliations
  • University of Rochester
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    Optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification implemented using multikilojoule Nd:glass pump lasers is a promising approach for producing ultra-intense pulses (>10<sup>23</sup> W/cm<sup>2</sup>). We report on the MTW-OPAL Laser System, an optical parametric amplifier line (OPAL) pumped by the Nd:doped portion of the Multi-Terawatt (MTW) laser. This midscale prototype was designed to produce 0.5-PW pulses with technologies scalable to tens of PW’s. Technology choices made for MTW-OPAL were guided by the longer-term goal of two full-scale OPAL’s pumped by the OMEGA EP laser to produce 2 x 25-PW beams that would be co-located with kilojoule-nanosecond UV beams. Several MTW-OPAL campaigns that have been completed since “first light” in March 2020 show that laser design is fundamentally sound, and optimization continues as we prepare for “first focus” campaigns later this year.
    Manuscript Accepted: Sep. 29, 2021
    Posted: Oct. 8, 2021