• High Power Laser Science and Engineering
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Shokov Didar, Murakami Masakatsu, Honrubia Javier
Author Affiliations
  • Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University
  • ETSI Aeronautica y del Espacio, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
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    Microtube implosions are a novel scheme to generate ultrahigh mag- netic fields on the megatesla order. These implosions are driven by ultrain- tense and ultrashort laser pulses. Using two- and three-dimensional parti- cle simulations where megatesla-order magnetic fields can be achieved, we demonstrate scaling and criteria in terms of laser parameters such as laser intensity and laser energy to facilitate practical experiments toward the realization of extreme physical conditions, which have yet to be realized in laboratories. Microtube implosions should provide a new platform for studies in fundamental and applied physics relevant to ultrahigh magnetic fields.
    Manuscript Accepted: Oct. 8, 2021
    Posted: Oct. 8, 2021