• Chinese Optics Letters
  • Vol. 21, Issue 6, (2023)
Chen Kefeng, Gan Lina, Tao Yingge, Shao Weilin, Yu Wei, Lin Haowei, Cai Zhiping, Cheng Huihui
Author Affiliations
  • Xiamen University
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    We demonstrate an all-polarization-maintaining (PM) passively mode-locked Yb3+-doped fiber laser (YDFL) with a fundamental repetition rate of 1.3 GHz. The optical spectra of linearly polarized soliton exhibit different shapes by rotating the fast axis of the fiber optical pigtail of a dispersive dielectric mirror. The oscillator provides a series of laser performance, such as a threshold pump power for continuous wave laser oscillation of 3.1 mW, an optical-to-optical efficiency for mode-locking of 29%, and an integrated relative intensity noise of 0.08%. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of >1 GHz ultrafast all-fiber YDFL with PM architecture.
    Manuscript Accepted: Mar. 7, 2023
    Posted: Mar. 17, 2023