• Chinese Optics Letters
  • Vol. 20, Issue 9, (2022)
Cao Yu, Chong Li, Wu Ke-Hui, You Lu-Qian, Li Sensen, Chen Lujian
Author Affiliations
  • Xiamen University
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    We demonstrate the dynamic coloration of polymerized cholesteric liquid crystal (PCLC) networks templated by the ‘‘wash-out/refill’’ method in the presence of organic compounds. The reflection color is modulated by two key approaches, that is, the injection of mutually soluble organic fluids into a microfluidic channel and the diffusion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The reversible tuning of reflected colors with central wavelengths between ~450 nm and ~600 nm was achieved by alternative injecting nematic LC E7 (nav=1.64) and benzyl alcohol (n=1.54) using syringe pumps. And the fascinating iridescence with reflection centers from ~ 620 nm to ~ 410 nm was presented from the volatilization and the diffusion of alcohol as a model VOC. Additionally, to further explore the underlying interaction mechanism that results in the spectral band shift of PCLCs, we adjusted the influencing factors such as the flow velocity of fluid and the diffusion time, providing supplementary information for understanding the dynamic coloration of cholesteric networks. This work is expected to extend the study of PCLCs as dynamically tunable optofluidic reflector, visually readable sensor, or compact anti-counterfeit label in response to organic compounds.
    Manuscript Accepted: May. 13, 2022
    Posted: May. 13, 2022