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HPLSE-Colin DansonHPLSE-Justin Wark

Title: Petawatt and exawatt class lasers worldwideTitle: High energy density science with X-Ray free electron lasers

HPLSE-Michael CampbellHPLSE-Oliver Chalus

Title: A vision of the future for high power laser research and their applicationsTitle: First demonstration of 10PW laser beam at ELI-NP 

HPLSE-Peter Norreys

Title: Prospects for high gain for inertial fusion energy


HPLSE-Hong Jin KongHPLSE-Jake Bromage

Title: Pre-pulse technique for high energy stimulated brillouin scattering phase conjugation mirror Title: MTW-OPAL: a prototype optical parametric amplifier line for ultra-Iintense laser technology development  

HPLSE-Frank NürnbergHPLSE-Helder Crespo

Title: Damage contemplation of fused silica for high energy laser applicationsTitle: Temporal measurement of high-intensity laser pulses directly on target during laser-matter interactions 

HPLSE-Nathalie BlanchotHPLSE-Nasr Hafz

Title: PETAL laser performance on the first experimental campaignsTitle: Dual-colour laser wakefield electron accelerator

HPLSE-Markus BüscherHPLSE-Vladimir Tikhonchuk

Title: Polarized particle beams from laser-plasma accelerators Title: Electron orbital angular momentum gain in a direct laser acceleration

HPLSE-Tim KunzeHPLSE-Francisco Suzuki-Vidal

Title: Functional laser surface texturing using interference-based methods - 
From small scale-structures to big impacts 
Title: First radiative shock experiments on the SG-II laser 

HPLSE-Dimitrios PapadopoulosHPLSE-Philippe Martin

Title: The Apollon laser: commissioning results of the 1 PW beam lineTitle: Transition from regular to chaotic behaviorin relativistic laser plasma mirrors

HPLSE-Hiromitsu KiriyamaHPLSE-Leonida A. Gizzi

Title: Status of the J-KAREN-P laser performanceTitle: Laser-driven plasma acceleration at the Intense Laser Irradiation Laboratory

HPLSE-Jiro ItataniHPLSE-Philippe Roy

Title: Attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy of diatomic molecules at 400 eVTitle: High peak and average power delivery from Fully-Aperiodic Large-Pitch-Fiber lasers 

HPLSE-Vincent BagnoudHPLSE-Yanqing Zheng

Title: Generation and characterization of ultra-high temporal contrast pulses at PHELIX Title: Growth and characterization of large aperture YCOB and Sm:YCOB crystals for application in high peak power lasers

HPLSE-Zhe ZhangHPLSE-Lilin Yi

Title: Supersonic collision of high-density plasma jets Title: Intelligent ultrafast fiber laser

HPLSE-Jingwei WangHPLSE-Mingying Sun

Title: Intense attosecond pulses carrying orbital angular momentum using laser plasma interactions Title: Role of laser intensity on output limitation of high power nanosecond laser system 

HPLSE-Baifei ShenHPLSE-Keqiang Qiu

Title: Driving positron beam acceleration with coherent transition radiationTitle: Meter-Scale Pulse-compression Gratings for High Power Laser system

HPLSE-Xiaoyan LiangHPLSE-Yutong Li

Title: Recent status of Shanghai superintense ultrafast laser facility (SULF) at SIOMTitle: Strong Terahertz radiation generation and application to diagnose fast electrons

HPLSE-Houkun LiangHPLSE-Tao Gong

Title: 11W, 50fs Yb-hybrid regenerative amplifier at 43kHz repetition rate and the mid-infrared pulse generationTitle: Interpretation of energy coupling between the fast electron beam and the imploded core in super-penetration fast ignition


HPLSE-Gabriele CristoforettiHPLSE-Konstantin Burdonov

Title: Laser-driven proton acceleration via excitation of Surface Plasmon Polariton waves into nanotube array targetsTitle: Laboratory astrophysics investigations of matter accretion using laser-driven plasma flows propagating in ambient magnetic field

HPLSE-Alice FazziniHPLSE-Fabrizio Consoli

Title: Laboratory investigation of the interpenetration between two collisionless shocksTitle: High-sensitivity ion diagnostics in laser-matter experiments with intense electromagnetic pulses in the radiofrequency-microwave regime

HPLSE-Fayyaz Javed

Title: A compact 165 W, 1 MHz 12-ps Nd:YAG innoslab amplifier