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 Submitted papers will be in the following topics, but not limited to:
      Session 1


Topic 1   High energy density physics
      •  Inertial confinement fusion
      •  Laser plasmas interaction
      •  Intense, ultra-short pulse laser interaction with matters


      Session 2


Topic 2   High power laser
      •   Laser systems, design, modeling and optimization
      •   Pulse generators and preamplifiers
      •   Laser pumping and amplifiers
      •   Frequency conversion and nonlinear optics
      •   Beam combining and smoothing technology
      •   Light propagation, alignment, diagnostics and wavefront correction


      Session 3


Topic 3   Advanced laser technology and applications
      •    Fiber, diode-pumped solid state, excimer, chemical, free electron laser,              femtosecond laser, attosecond laser and applications
      •    Repetition frequency technology
      •    Pulse compression technology
      •    Target Fabrication
Topic 4   Laser components for high power laser
      •    Optical fabrication
      •    Optical processing and testing
      •    Optical materials
      •    Optical film coating
      •    Novel optical materials and devices