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Deep learning spatial phase unwrapping: a comparative review
Kaiqiang Wang, Qian Kemao, Jianglei Di, and Jianlin Zhao
Phase unwrapping is an indispensable step for many optical imaging and metrology techniques. The rapid development of deep learning has brought ideas to phase unwrapping. In the past four years, various phase dataset generation methods and deep-learning-involved spatial phase unwrapping methods have emerged quickly. Ho
Advanced Photonics Nexus
  • Publication Date: Aug. 03, 2022
  • Vol. 1 Issue 1 014001 (2022)
Research Articles
Ultra-broadband and low-loss edge coupler for highly efficient second harmonic generation in thin-film lithium niobate | Article Video
Xiaoyue Liu, Shengqian Gao, Chi Zhang, Ying Pan, Rui Ma, Xian Zhang, Lin Liu, Zhenda Xie, Shining Zhu, Siyuan Yu, and Xinlun Cai
Advanced Photonics Nexus
  • Publication Date: Jun. 29, 2022
  • Vol. 1 Issue 1 016001 (2022)
Deterministic generation of large-scale hyperentanglement in three degrees of freedom
Xutong Wang, Sheng Yu, Shengshuai Liu, Kai Zhang, Yanbo Lou, Wei Wang, and Jietai Jing
Entanglement serves as a fundamental resource for quantum information protocols, and hyperentanglement has received an increasing amount of attention for its high-capacity characteristic. Increasing the scale of hyperentanglement, i.e., the number of modes in a hyperentangled system, is crucial for enhancing its capabi
Advanced Photonics Nexus
  • Publication Date: Jun. 29, 2022
  • Vol. 1 Issue 1 016002 (2022)
Orbital angular momentum comb generation from azimuthal binary phases | Article Video
Shiyao Fu, Zijun Shang, Lan Hai, Lei Huang, Yanlai Lv, and Chunqing Gao
Since Allen et al. demonstrated 30 years ago that beams with helical wavefronts carry orbital angular momentum (OAM), the OAM of beams has attracted extensive attention and stimulated lots of applications in both classical and quantum physics. Akin to an optical frequency comb, a beam can carry multiple various OAM com
Advanced Photonics Nexus
  • Publication Date: Jun. 29, 2022
  • Vol. 1 Issue 1 016003 (2022)
Multiwavelength high-order optical vortex detection and demultiplexing coding using a metasurface
Dahai Yang, Jie Lin, Chen Chen, Chang Li, Junbo Hao, Baiying Lv, Keya Zhou, Yiqun Wang, and Peng Jin
Orbital angular momentum (OAM) of an optical vortex has attracted great interest from the scientific community due to its significant values in high-capacity optical communications such as mode or wavelength division multiplexer/demultiplexer. Although several configurations have been developed to demultiplex an optica
Advanced Photonics Nexus
  • Publication Date: Aug. 09, 2022
  • Vol. 1 Issue 1 016005 (2022)